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Innovative solutions created by innovative people

"Innovation is leading by example and doing what you think is right Not what other people say is wrong!"

Our Mission

To provide the most innovative technology solutions to our clients that exceed expectations.  Manifested through leading edge technologies created by an innovative team of people.

Our Vision

To become the leading technology company in Australia providing the most innovative  solutions created by the an innovative team of people.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Caring for environment, we need to ensure all our actions minimises the impact to our environment. 


  • We are passionate about life and what it offers.   We believe technology must be used to enhance the world so our lifes and our children lifes are improved without degrading the environment!  We run this company through a founding principle:

"Nothing is hard, somethings just take longer to do!"   Anthony Salerno, Founder


SmallBiz Australia was founded by Anthony Salerno who's first role at Andersen Consulting(Accenture) was part of a large team of consultants responsible for improving software development methodologies at Telstra. This gave him valuable experience to assist in developing a large scale system for Computer Aided Telephoney Interface(CATI) company which was later acquired. 

We work in a multitude of industries, delivering low cost, innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes. We provide custom cradle-to-grave software development to meet your complex business needs. Since 1990, we’ve developed software and consulted to customers from small businesses to fortune 500 enterprises.

We have completed projects for Shell(web development , software consulting), Telstra(software consulting, software development), Bovis(software consulting) and Silvertop Taxis(web development) and Raywood Systems(software consulting, web development) to name a few clients to small businesses like Burnham Real Estate(IT Support), Tradies Spot(ecommerce), Kearley Lewis Mercantile(software development).

We have worked with business that have started from a SOHO business to large enterprises.

Anthony's diverse background in  electronic\digital systems engineering(RMIT University) and software development give him an edge when it comes to client solutions. 

Why use us?

SmallBiz Australia  undertake a holistic approach towards each project that we work on. So we put a lot of hard work in understanding the real needs and addressing them.

Right from research, to probing into business objectives of our clients, we do a significant deliberation intended at a precisely successful outcome.

Our commitment is towards accomplishing high levels of customer contentment, which comes by achieving great quality in the outcome, providing timely solutions and fulfilling the needs of the businesses pertaining to communication with their clients/customers.

Free Onsite Consultation

We can come to your premises within 2 days or call us..we are here and ready to help!

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What makes us different.


Our qualified, professional teams are made up of the industry's best and brightest software engineers.


Our extensive experience spans across public and private sector firms of all sizes. We understand business processes and technologies and the challenges you face.

Research and Development

Our teams are continually researching new and proven technologies to benefit our clients.


SmallBiz are dedicated to provide you high quality software services to deliver robust, scalable, and cost-effective solutions within your budget