Need a website, use a graphic designer or web developer?

Well, this is a question everyone should be asking when they undertake to develop a website.   You need to ask yourself 2 questions,  What is my budget?  What is the goal of the website? Visually appealing,functional or both?

If you take your website idea to a web developer, they will create a very functional website that does everything you desire but may lack visual appeal!  Take it to a graphic designer and the website will look visually appealing but may lack functionaltiy.'

We have helped many businesses overcome this hurdle by ensuring that both elements are intertwined together.  The company you select must understand both aspects of a website design to ensure they provide a platform that is future proof and flexible enough to accomodate future changes.  Wordpress, Joomla may be great platforms for a CMS site but lack the ability to customise without a lot of work(money).  A simple change in a wordpress site could be quite involved due to plugins etc, sometimes its easier to create a platform using php,,java etc that is very flexible and has no limits to what you can do.

Again, using a platform like wordpress is cheaper in the short term but if you website becomes popular and you need greater functionaility, then you may have to resort to rebuilding your website from 'scratch'.

If you spend a little more money in the beginning you can ensure you get a great looking website, on a great platform that will take you website to the world!  We understand the development life cycle of technology solutions, thats why we are able to provide a great solution.    We are not always the cheapest, we don't always have the skills but we colloborate with the best people to achieve the result for the customer.

Melbourne Stuffups (Failed\Pre\Lazy\No\Post Startups)

This group is focused on nothing but to talk about your ideas, promote them and discuss the process. If you want your idea to happen then share and learn from others... this is the ideas lab of the future!

Share with others, learn from others!

  • Was it a start up that failed?
  • Are you an entrepreneur needing to network with like minded people?
  • Did you lose motivation?
  • Couldn't get venture capital so didn't have resources to complete it?
  • Have obstacles that appear too large to overcome? Peers discourage your idea?
  • Unsuccessful on Indiegogo, Kickstarter or Pozible?

Just because you weren't successful on crowd funding it doesn't mean your idea isn't viable. This group will bring together these ideas, people and lessons learned. Learn from our\others mistakes, take the next step, whether it be to open source, sell or find new partners. No topic is restricted.. we will even discuss NLP to help you focus on your life goals which may have nothing to do with your idea/concept!

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Is bitcoin going to last?

It sure will, its the way the future of decentralised systems will work.   Sure bitcoin may not last as a currency but the bitcoin system allows for the creation of systems that can be trusted for its information and NOT manipulated by the few!   Bitcoin is an exmple of an innovation from the 'people' without the intervention and/or control of governments.  It allows for the concept of 'Proof of Existence' that ensures that information can be locked to a specific  date\time,  it can be used to sign documents that later can be proved to existed at that point in time.

I beleive bitcoin is here to stay in what ever form it takes and the bank, governments and corporates are all busy trying to work out where they fit in!

'Its not all about programming'

Being in the technology industry for over 20 years, i have learnt that 'its not all about programming' when it comes to assisting businesses with business solutions.   The focus of any technology company is to help businesses be more productive and efficient by using technology that  has a high Return on Investment!  That's it...we can promise the latest technology but if its not used or too hard to understand then a simple solution using old technology might suffice. 

This is my first blog so learning the ropes to effective blog writing to ensure my readers get some sort of benefit.

Anthony Salerno Technology Consultant \ Innovation Designer
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